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Cudmore Curbscapes specializes in decorative concrete landscape edging and related landscaping services. For more information about our offerings, visit our services page.

Can’t I just buy the pieces and install them myself?

No. You can purchase blocks and brick at any home improvement store to use as edging; however, our product is custom made for you by Cudmore Curbscapes to eliminate all the problems associated with blocks, such as shifting and unevenness. This continuous concrete prevents weeding between those annoying cracks that happen over time with rock or blocks. Why spend your weekend going back and forth to the home improvement store when you can hire us? These permanent borders will help you spend more time enjoying your yard, not working in it!

Do you give free estimates and consult with the design?

Yes. We do give free estimates and create a design that will compliment your existing or new landscaping. We are very knowledgeable and accessible during the design phase of the project. We also have a great list of subcontractors we’ve worked with if something comes up that we may need to hire a specific company for.

How long will the installation take?

Most jobs are completed in one day, but the time depends on how much curbing must be installed.

How is steel cable used in the decorative concrete landscape edging?

We create incredibly strong, continuous concrete landscape curb by running a 1/8-inch wire cable through it. The cable adds strength to the concrete curbing, improving durability and longevity. Additionally, the cable minimizes shifting and/or separating during the freeze/thaw cycle.

How does this product hold up during our Maine winters?

Wonderfully! We use control joints, special additive, fiber mesh and an integrated stainless steel cable to manage the freezing weather in our area. Finally, we seal all our work after completion of the installation and again in the fall with an acrylic sealer, blocking moisture and contaminants.

Who will do the actual installation?

Anna Cudmore, the owner of Cudmore Curbscapes, will be present and working at every installation. If you have any questions or last-minute changes, she is on-site to ensure you receive exactly what you want. You’ll see throughout the project our customer service is something we pride ourselves on.

Does this process damage my lawn or existing flowerbeds?

Absolutely not. We mix all the concrete on site in a custom-made trailer for continuous concrete edging, and wheelbarrow it to the location on the property. No heavy equipment or vehicles of any kind will come onto your property. The heaviest thing will be that wheelbarrow of concrete. We will neatly trench the area and extrude the concrete directly in place. When we’re finished, you’ll hardly know we were there.

Is Cudmore Curbscapes insured?

Yes. We are fully insured for both liability and worker compensation. We must stay in good standing with our insurance company because we not only provide residential and commercial landscaping services, but also city, state, and federal work. If you would like to see our certificate of insurance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

How much does the continuous concrete cost?

We charge by the foot for the edging. We have a standard charge that applies to a radius around our location of 40 miles. We service all of Maine with a $2/foot up charge and mileage beyond our radius. Our pricing structure is simple – it doesn’t matter which color or stamp you choose, they all cost the same. Please call for rates!
Have a neighbor? Try our block party package for better deals!

What kinds of colors and styles do you have to choose from?

We offer four different types of molds: slant, mowers edge, square, and dome. Each of our molds will add a distinctive look to your landscaping. In addition to the four different molds, we offer a large variety of patterns and colors to compliment your home or business. It is a unique product that no one else will have in your area. You will stand out and add value to your property.

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes, we have a one year warranty from the installation date against defects in workmanship or materials. We will replace curbing at no charge if the defect is caused by the materials we use or the way it was installed by our company. However, control joints are set in place to allow the concrete to crack where needed. Control joints will help the concrete move with the ground when it freezes and thaws. Despite these efforts, no one can guarantee you that it will not get a crack. Cracks are typically hair line in nature and do not affect the functionality of the product. Our steel cable guarantees that the crack will never grow.

What is the life expectancy of concrete edging?

If properly installed and maintained, all concrete should have a life cycle that exceeds 25-30 years. Our concrete is mixed to precise specifications and meets or exceeds the quality of the concrete found in your driveway and sidewalks. Periodic re-sealing will ensure a long and healthy life for your concrete edging.

Can I afford this?

YES! A lot homeowners mistakenly assume this process is very expensive because of the custom install and design. This is certainly not the case! When considering the time, labor, and the expense of do-it-yourself methods, having your curbing installed by professionals who have the equipment and knowledge to do the job quickly, and right the first time, is certainly cost effective. Additionally, we are more than happy to break the project down and provide landscaping services separately when you are ready. We keep detailed records on all our projects, so there will never be a problem matching your original pattern, color, and style.

Does Cudmore Curbscapes offer any services besides landscaping?

Yes, Cudmore Curbscapes is owned and operated by a full-service landscape and excavation company. Besides landscaping services, we do culvert replacements, camp roads, basements, and other general excavation.

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