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Affordable, functional, and elegantly designed decorative concrete landscape edging.

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Decorative Concrete Landscape Edging

At Cudmore Curbscapes, we create decorative concrete landscape edging that’s affordable, functional, and elegantly designed. Your landscape edging will not only maintain separation – it will also be a beautiful addition to your landscape. Our edging system will also help enhance your property value and prevent unwanted grass and weeds in your flower beds.

Main Benefits

  • Eye-catching, distinctive look with lasting beauty
  • Greatly improves landscape appearance
  • Color and style selection complements the architectural style of homes and buildings
  • Easily accommodates circles, bends, and right angles
  • Durable and permanent — doesn’t move, rot or lose its luster when run over by mowers
  • Fast, clean installation
  • Saves time on trimming and weeding
  • Borders existing beds without disturbing landscape
  • Increases property values

Our process is noninvasive and most installations can be completed within a day.
Learn more about the steps we take to provide beautiful landscape edging:

Step 1

Ground preparation is very important in achieving a professional looking product. A one-inch deep and nine-inch wide trench around the landscaping beds is all that is necessary to accommodate the machine. Ground preparation is completed using a trenching machine.

Step 2

Concrete is prepared in a mortar mixer. Sand, cement, fiber, and water are the basic ingredients. The consistency of the concrete is very important and the mix must be very dry. Color is added to the concrete mixture to increase the versatility and beauty of the final products.

Step 3

After the mix is ready, the concrete mixture is shoveled into the machine and extruded into a professional, continuous concrete landscape border.

Step 4

Using specially formed hand trowels, the concrete border is quickly smoothed into a beautiful professional border.

Step 5

While the concrete is still wet, impressions are made by using various stamping tools. Other coloring techniques can also be done at this time. As a precaution to cracking from subtle ground movement, control joints are cut about every two to three feet while the concrete is still wet. Most importantly, Cudmore Curbscapes uses cable reinforcement in our concrete.  These factors increase cracking resistance, which ultimately improves durability.

A unique feature of our landscape edging is its variety of styles and patterns. We provide the following design options to provide you with the perfect complement to your landscape.

Slant Style: 4.5”x6”

This mold is most popular among our customers! The front side of the curb is generally set at ground level to accommodate lawn mower wheels. This clean and simple look is perfect on its own, but most patterns we offer, such as brick or stone, can also be used with the mold. A texture can also be added to further enhance the curb’s appearance. The slant mold offers the most flexibility when it comes to custom designed borders.

Mower Style: 4”x 6”

Though the slant and mower styles both work well with a mower, the shape of the mower style is easier to mow around with if you use a riding mower. Its shape allows you to place one wheel of your mower on the lower edge of the curb, which will greatly reduce the amount of “weed-eating” or edging required around beds or borders.

Dome Style: 4.5” x 6”

The dome style is usually used when creating a bark/down logged look. It is a very popular curbing style around lakes and rural homes.

Block Style: 4”x 5.5”

The block mold is used to create the look of natural stone. It can also be incorporated in the design along your drip edge. This allows for a clean finish between your rock and mulch!


We offer additional stamps, styles, and colors for your decorative concrete landscape edging. Please contact us for more information.

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